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          Charles Louis Domingue was born in Welsh,La., as a youngster he would sing-a-long while listening to the radio and later in life joined the church choir.  He just loved to sing and at sixteen joined a local band, Ricky and the Hound Dogs, singing rock & roll and South Louisiana music, now known as Swamp Pop.  Four years later he joined another group, The Eltradoors, from Gueydan, La.In 1965, "Keep Your Arms Around Me", Charles' first single was a huge regional hit. (Back when you judged a "hit" not only by sales and radio play, but on how many jukeboxes the record was spinning on!)  Following this was another hit, "You're No Longer Mine" in 1967 that played on American Bandstand, but his biggest hit came in 1969 with a Neil Diamond song called "Red, Red Wine."  This has now become Charles' signature song. It was such a monumental success that it opened many more doors for his career at the time.

 At the suggestion of Swamp Pop music fan and British author, John Broven ("South To Louisiana", "Pelican Press"), Charles recorded a cover version of the Dire Strait's hit "Walk Of Life" seasoning the recording with the Cajun Accordion.  The idea worked.  The record was a hit not only throughout South Louisiana and East Texas, but in the England/UK market as well.  An album leased to Zane Records and Cooking Vinyl in England became a big success.  In particular the arrangement of "Walk Of Life" was so successful in the UK and Charles made several tours overseas with an appearance at the Glaston
Berry Festival one year.

 In recognition of his contributions to Louisiana Swamp Pop music, Charles became a
member of the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame in 1990.  Then in April 1998, he received the
Louisiana Living Legend Award.  In January 1999, Charles became a member of the Museum
of the Gulf Coast Music Hall of Fame.  In November 2000, Charles received the Life Time
Achievement Award from the South Louisiana Music Association and in 2004, he received
the Swamp Pop Music Pioneer Award from the Southwest Louisiana Musicians Association.  
He is still actively pursuing his singing career and currently performing regularly on
the South Louisiana and East Texas circuit.

 Charles has recently formed his own publishing venue called BaDoll Publishing Company.
On the horizon, there is a new CD in the works for Charles through BaDoll Publishing.

 Charles Mann knows that he owes much of his success to many people throughout his
career.  Primarily, Lee LaVergne of Lanor Records, much of Charles' success came from
Lee's guidance.  Later, John Broven, Peter Thompson, Pete Lawrence, Bob Jones, all from
England and Floyd Soileau of Ville Platte, La. were to play a major part in his
continuing success.  To all these people, he offers his sincere thanks and gratitude.  
So many other people were part of his growth and success that they are too numerous to
mention, but he greatly appreciates their part in his career.  Special thanks must go to
the numerous fans who bought the records and attended concert and performances, without
them it would have not been the same.  Of course Charles also knows that none of this
would have been possible without the blessing of God to whom he owes his voice and
abilities as a performer.

 Charles would also like to send out a special Thank You to the members of his band
Louisiana Pride for their hard work on his new album.  Without them, none of this would
be possible!

 Below are two pictures of Charles' Scottish Terrier Babydoll, which his publishing
company is named after.





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